I'M SelinaHart on IMVU xD

HI! I'm currently not selling anything :) Sorry, i'm on hiatus! Please do not send me cash for now, i wouldn't be able to refund you. 

Hey welcome to my site! I am an IMVU user and an ERG model. I am a developer in this great site too. Hehe, i am a mesher also and that means i do meshes and stuff for people to derive from and make their own amazing products. And seriously its alot of fun. And not to forget, Developer Credits. I am a member of this great site by Tidy. Don't have imvu? Please do join this wonderful community, you would definitely love it. Seriously! I am not kidding =)

Sometimes you may see a page blank with nothing much, please do bear with it, i do updating sometimes in a bulk, thats why you don't see much.

Have fun with your visit here ^^