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Donate for Charity!

Hey i know, its a lil hard but please do donate. Its not for me, its a non-profit thing. This is for the thousands of kids in India, China, Myanmar, all the quake victims. My sister and I are doing this for the kids and the poor people. If you have a heart and if you have the money and don't mind. Please do donate =)

*Well now we are in an Orphange  and we are helping a girl who has kidney failure and she's only about 3 or 4 years old. She's waiting for a kidney transplant but well i don't want your kidney but hope you can just donate a $1 would be good. But well donate as much as you like. Its not for anyone or anything. Its for that small girl. And if you did donate. God Bless You.

Yes my sister and i do a lot of volunteery work in orpahnages and you know all these stuff xD